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About Me

Despite Newmark's definition of translation as "a craft consisting in the attempt to replace a written message and/or statement in one language by the same message and/or statement in another language" (1981), we should never forget that language and culture go hand in hand. Knowing any language does not mean you know the art of translating.

Being a translator not only means knowing the plain language but it also requires the perfect understanding of its inherent relation to culture.

Although, it is an inevitable truth that some texts, namely in the technical or scientific fields, may not directly be linked to any cultural-related aspect, there is always some sort of cultural content hidden behind the text you are about to translate.

We all know that languages are live entities and as such constantly change over time and space and depend on who speaks them.

When drawing such a beautiful piece of art, a translator knits all threads in such a way that the target audience, the register – be it formal, neutral or informal, the meaning, the writer's intention and the style are magnificiently conveyed through the final and unique piece of translation.

So, you wonder who I am? I am passionate knitter of the art of translating! .


Universidad Nacional del Comahue
Imperial College London


I got my degree as English<>Spanish Sworn Translator at Universidad Nacional del Comahue. I have been working as translator since 2006, having studied English since I was 7 years old. I have recently been in London, UK, attending a very important intensive course on AVT at Imperial College London and the Media For All Conference.

I worked as Technical Translation Teaching Assistant during two years at UNCo in 2008 and 2009. The area I live in is host to several Oil and Gas companies and Fruit companies. As a consequence, I have participated in several translation projects and provided my clients with interpreting services.

Since 2010 I provide translation, editing and proofreading services to three Argentinean translation agencies and a couple of foreign companies.

Getting your degree does not mean you have finished your studies. As training is extremely important, I take different courses on CAT Tools and professional activities through, site in which I am a paid member. I am also part of the National Association of Translators and Interpreters, and I will soon get my professional number at CTPCBA.

As professional, I love keeping my student's side bright. Learning never stops. I work with almost all fields, and when there is something which I have never translated before, it is more than welcome! I am always willing to learn new things, very responsible and flexible to meet all deadlines.

You're welcome to my site!