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    Your company in your client's language

    Do you wish to translate your company's website and do not know where to start? I can do it for you!

    Just get in touch to request a quote. You can send your files to translate in almost all formats. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to me, so I can assure you the information contained in your documents will be seen just by me.

    Do not hesitate to get in touch: info@paotranslations.com or click on the Quote tab to make it easier!

  • Global Translations

    All your docs can be translated!

     Contracts / Divorce statements / Complaints / Police reports
     User's manuals / Catalogues
     Medical reports
     Recipes
     Letters, e-mails, personal documents
     Presentations / Slides
     News / Articles
     Audiovisual material (audio or video files)
     All formats: *.doc, *.pdf, *.xls, *.html, among others.

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Translation, editing & proofreading

Professional language translation services include three main steps during the process:

· Translating: That is the act of conveying meaning from one language to another one ...

Transcription & translation for subtitled, dubbed and voice-overed material

Send your audio or video files to be transcribed and then translated! Depending on your needs, I will prepare subtitles, a script for a voice-overed or dubbed version or any version you need. Just get in touch to request a quote, provide an estimated delivery time and format.

Consecutive interpreting services

Consecutive interpretation is that on in which the interpreter begins their interpretation of a complete message after the speaker (the person being interpreted) stopped producing the message...

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I am extremely responsible and will never miss a deadline.

I will always be on call to get back to you when necessary and I am sure my rates will suit your budget!